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Petersen Tru-Cut Wheel Chocks
Petersen Tru-Cut Wheel Chocks
Petersen Tru-Cut Wheel Chocks

About the Petersen Tru Cut Automotive Team:

In 1986, a group of dedicated professionals and skilled employees set out to achieve a common goal -- to design, manufacture and market the best selling car ramp in the industry. Established in Salem, Ohio as a privately held corporation, Petersen Tru-Cut Automotive™ has promoted its commitment to 100% USA labor, material, and ownership throughout the years.

Now building a car ramp may sound easy to you, but when you have to consider front end clearance problems, the wide tires that come as original equipment on many of today's vehicles, the need to prevent "overtravel" and "roll-off" as well as a way to keep tires centered, believe me, we had our work cut out for us.

Fortunately, for thousands of consumers around the world, we made it all work. As a matter of fact, our distinctive black Petersen Tru-Cut ULTRA-RAMPS ® exceed ANSI/ASME Safety Standards! Our customers have told us that we're the right ramps for today's cars. That's translated into the #1 selling auto ramp in the industry.

But we didn't stop there. Now, more than a decade later, the Tru-Cut Automotive name has become synonymous with the best-selling, highest quality line of car ramps, jacks, stands, chocks and accessories for the do-it-yourselfer.

Now you have Petersen Tru-Cut™ Quality Products

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" Raising The Standard of Quality "

Petersen  Tru-Cut Automotive Car Ramps-Made in the USA
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Car Ramps | Auto Ramps | 844-725-9602
Car Ramps | Auto Ramps | 844-725-9602
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